Monday, February 18, 2013

Panther Platoon - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15012


One of my friends recently pressured me into making a Flames of War army and as people who have visited this blog before might have noticed, I quite like the Panzer of the german forces, so the choice of my army was very easy.

I have been aware of Flames of War for some time, but since I didn't know anyone who played it, I never bought any vehicles or figures to try it out. Because of this I had no idea of the sheer number of companies which provide exellent miniatures for the game, as I'm mostly used to looking towards a single company (Games Workshop) for all my wargaming needs. All the choices was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Because I'm currently on a limited budget the Battlefront miniatures seemed abit out of reach at the moment. While browsing Ebay in a hope for a great deal, I noticed a company called "Plastic Soldier Company" which provided sets of 4-5 tanks (Platoon) for about 15£, while the Battlefront platoons are about 30-40£, by first glance this seemed to good to be true, but after having searching the interwebs for reviews of their products I was sold.

Currently I have 5 Panthers, 4 Tigers, 5 Stug III and 5 Pz IV from PSC, and they are all amazing sets with beautiful mold details, basicly like Dragons 1/72 sets, just in 1/100, which almost seems impossible but they pulled it off nicely.

Painting & Assembling

I didn't really take to many pictures during the assembly and painting process of this set. Since this is the first 1/100 kit I have ever tried my hands with, I decided to just paint and not really think of the blog article. A while ago i stumbled upon this "article" which has been a huge help for me painting these, and actually tried to use some of the same techniques while I was painting my 1/35 Panther .

Basicly I tried to follow his painting guide and I think it turned out pretty good, still room for improvements ofc.! especially the weathering and chipping parts, which is not something I've done alot of and especially on this scale.

As mentioned this set was a pleasure to assemble and everything is just crisply molded and fitted perfectly.

I went with a simple 3 tone camouflage and while airbrushing these I realized I probably should invent in a good airbrush soon, as mine are quite cheap and in this scale you can really feel that.

I tried to use oil washes and drybrushing and still a long way away from perfecting mixing oil washes, but practise makes perfect!

Platoon Finished! 

Size comparison

Since I now have panther in size 1/35, 1/72 and 1/100 I thought it would be fun to take some comparison photos so people get an idea of how small these actually are.

and a few bonus shots.


Overall I think these turned out quite well, still room for improvements on my part, but the kit was simply amazing and I can highly recommend this kit to anyone who want to build themselves a fairly cheap FoW army.



  1. those turned out very nice. Some of the best panthers at this scale that I have seen.

    1. Thank your very much :) Im quite pleased with the result aswell

  2. Which decals are these? PSC Decals?

    1. Yeah :) only on my hs-129 I have used battlefront decals

  3. Thank you very much :D keep up the good work