Monday, September 17, 2012

Sorry for the missing updates!

Hello everyone.

Let me just start of with telling how sorry I am about not having posted anything worthwhile on this blog for a while. As some of you might know I recently started another blog for my Warhammer builds and it's those that I'm currently focusing on, taking a small break from all my tanks and figures.

If Warhammer holds any interest for you, you are more than welcome to go check out my work, right here.

But let me just tell about some of the projects I'm currently working on, for this blog.

1 PzKpfW IV - Ausf H from Academy, quite an old set and not the best, but got it dirt cheap, and I'm still looking forward to painting it, probably going full Out of the Box on this one.

1 PzKpfW IV  Ausf J from Tamiya, which I have posted about earlier, this is a very nice set even though it's fairly old, but what could you expect from Tamiya :-) hopefully I will be able to get some zimmerit and mesh schurzen on this, when I get around to ordering it.

I recently bought the old Academy Tiger I, early with full interior from a friend of mine, who had realised he would never get it build, and I'm realy looking forward to giving that a go, but thats definitely for the future!

and then there is of course also all the 1/72 sets I haven't done yet, still think I have 2-3 Jagdtigers, 3 panther G early, 2 King Tigers and probably more that I can't remember.

I'm looking forward to posting some progress on this blog again, but for the time being I'm focused on my Warhammer army.


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