Monday, October 24, 2011

Leopard 2A5 - Revell (80-3105)

Just like the Stug IV i've build, which was also a Revell kit, I'm not impressed with this kit either, the only reason i bought it was actually it was the only 1/72 scale Leopard 2 A5 i could find.

The kit was meant to be a present to one of my mates, who recently returned from the Helmand province in Afghanistan, and since his next job on the Danish army will be onboard a Leopard 
2A5DK, I thought it would be a fitting gift.

I'm not going to write to much about the process, since honestly I can't remember what the hell i did. I just remember I wasn't impresed by this kit, in any way what so ever, and hopefully it will be the last Revell kit I ever build, because seriously the detail level, well everything, is much much better made by Dragon.


I used different washes (I think) and used some pigments, and I think it turned out pretty decent, thought I still much prefer german WW2 vehicles.

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