Monday, September 29, 2014

Allied Open Fire Army - Finished

As promised yesterday here's some shots of my completed (finally) allied Open Fire army. The pictures aren't that good, it's really hard getting good pictures of infantry in this scale :-p

But anyway hope you enjoy, and hopefully I will have the german side finished Soon('ish)!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sherman Platoon (2) - Battlefront - Open Fire - Finished

Evening everyone!

I managed to get the last of my Open Fire Shermans finished today even though I had a serious hangover.... 
Quite glad with the result I managed to get with these, a lot better than the first 3 shermans I painted for this army that's for sure :)

This also means that my allied Open Fire army is now finished and I will probably make a post displaying that tomorrow at some point.

Next project will probably be to finish my Deathstroke figure and then I will continue work on my AA trucks. At some point in October the Panther Campaign on Armorama will start and I will be doing a 1/35 Tamiya Panther G, early for this. So expect to see something about that build soon'ish.

Anyway here's some more pictures, hope you like them. As usual comments, suggestions etc. are more than welcome :)


60.000+ Visits! and little update :-D

Hello everyone!

I'm almost finished with the last of my Shermans, just need to paint a few things with my airbrush and then some varnish. But since I fairly hungover right now, it will have to wait until later today :-p

But here's a little "teaser" picture of how they are looking right now. And before everyone begins to comment of the beret color I just wanted to say it's on purpose that they are red! It adds a bit of color to the tanks and it looks better and more interesting in this scale in my opinion :-p

Also over 60k pageviews on the blog ! Really appreciate everyone who comes here either to read what I have to say or just look at pictures, I also appreciate the feedback and comments people leave for my work :-)
It wouldn't be the same without you!

As mentioned above I hope to finish these today and hopefully have a proper update at some point tonight :)


Monday, September 22, 2014

Sherman Platoon (2) - Battlefront - Open Fire

Hello everyone!

As I might have mentioned it other posts, I'm still working on the last of my Open Fire Shermans, and I finally got the time to actually get a bit of work done on them, mind you there's still quite a lot of work left, but I'm getting there.

They might have gotten a bit to worn, but on the other hand they are Shermans so they will probably be destroyed quite a lot in FoW games, so I guess it's sorta fitting :-p

They have been painted basically the same way as the rest of my allied Open Fire tanks so not much to report about that.

As you can see the overall weathering is pretty much done, I doubt I will do much more anyway. 

This past weekend I also managed to get started on another little project for my actually FoW army, so here's a little teaser :)

Work on these will begin when the Shermans are done and I probably should also get my Deathstroke figure finished before these.

Anyways, until next time


Monday, September 15, 2014

E-100 Krokodil - Heer46 - E100JK - Finished

Evening everyone!

So after a few last minutes changes and getting the commander painted, my E-100 Krokodil is now officially finished. The first go around with the pigmets and mud I wasn't completely satisfied, but Rubén Torregrosa (aka "HeresyBrush) suggested I tried sprinkling some enamel washes on the pigmets to create more nuances of colors, and I really think it did the trick, like it a lot better now.

Since this is meant for wargaming it kinda needed some varnish, but pigments and varnish don't go hand in hand very well, so in the future I might consider my pigment use more, probably just do the tracks. But I'll take that up for consideration for my next build.

I don't really know how much time I've spent painting this tank, it has taken several weeks but since I haven't been able to sit down for several hours a day, my estimate would probably be around 10 hours of actual painting.

Anyway I had a blast building and painting this beast of a tank, it isn't the last time I buy tanks from Heer46, and even though these tanks don't have rules in Flames of War (yet hopefully!) I can't see why you couldn't proxy this as a Jagdpanther or Jagdtiger.

My next build will probably be the rest of my Open Fire shermans was are long overdue! then afterwards I'm doing a Panther G in 1/35 scale for an Armorama campaign which I'm very much looking forward to.

Picture time!

I think this build turned out great, even though it's a very simple camo scheme I think the colour modulation really worked well. As usual comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Until next time


As usual a little comparison photo, this tank is quite big for 1/100 scale