Monday, September 15, 2014

E-100 Krokodil - Heer46 - E100JK - Finished

Evening everyone!

So after a few last minutes changes and getting the commander painted, my E-100 Krokodil is now officially finished. The first go around with the pigmets and mud I wasn't completely satisfied, but Rubén Torregrosa (aka "HeresyBrush) suggested I tried sprinkling some enamel washes on the pigmets to create more nuances of colors, and I really think it did the trick, like it a lot better now.

Since this is meant for wargaming it kinda needed some varnish, but pigments and varnish don't go hand in hand very well, so in the future I might consider my pigment use more, probably just do the tracks. But I'll take that up for consideration for my next build.

I don't really know how much time I've spent painting this tank, it has taken several weeks but since I haven't been able to sit down for several hours a day, my estimate would probably be around 10 hours of actual painting.

Anyway I had a blast building and painting this beast of a tank, it isn't the last time I buy tanks from Heer46, and even though these tanks don't have rules in Flames of War (yet hopefully!) I can't see why you couldn't proxy this as a Jagdpanther or Jagdtiger.

My next build will probably be the rest of my Open Fire shermans was are long overdue! then afterwards I'm doing a Panther G in 1/35 scale for an Armorama campaign which I'm very much looking forward to.

Picture time!

I think this build turned out great, even though it's a very simple camo scheme I think the colour modulation really worked well. As usual comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Until next time


As usual a little comparison photo, this tank is quite big for 1/100 scale