Saturday, July 19, 2014

Panthers - PSC - WW2V15012 - Filter & Wash

Hello everyone

Another small update today. Sadly I haven't been able to be as effective as I would've liked...the heat is to blame I think. But I did manage to apply filters and do the shadow/streak wash. Next up is chipping, then details, tracks, pigments, figure and varnish.

I used 2 different filters:
  • AK065 - Afrika Korps Filter, for the wheels
  • AK076 - Filter For Nato Tanks, for the tanks
I'm still not that good at applying filters, the idea is that the surface is just moistened by the filter, it's just supposed to slightly alter the colour and not work as a wash. Practice makes perfect and I will have to keep practicing. I did manage to tone down the colours like a wanted, but might have used to much filter some places.

I thought I would start of by showing how the wheels and tracks currently look, as I haven't posted any pictures of those so far.

As I've done on previous builds I used an enamel wash for the shading (AK-Interactive Enamel Wash for Nato Camo Vehicles), the reason is that I don't have to be careful when doing the wash because the enamel wash dries a lot slower and it's possible to redo/fix mistakes even hours after application using white spirit or turpentine. I try to apply the a fair amount of wash and then after like 30-60 min. go back and do some streaks with the excess and otherwise remove the wash if it has gotten somewhere it shouldn't.

Comparison photo showing before and after wash application.

After the wash had dried I mixed AK711 - Chipping Color & Black (1:1) and the went over places where the wash hadn't reached or had been removed by mistake in the previous step. 

Below is a few shots of the current progress. The pictures are not that good since photo conditions were less than optimal. But I hope they show of the effect of the filter and wash.

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed it. Suggestions and comments are more than welcome below :-)

Stay tuned for next progress report



  1. That look awesome! It's better than any german camo I've seen.

    1. Thank you so much Cameron! :-D I'm very happy with them myself, really looking forward to finishing them.

  2. These are really coming together beautifully now Chris. The enamel wash and filter makes such difference... very impressive! Can't wait to see them finished! :)