Sunday, July 13, 2014

Panthers - PSC - WW2V15012 - Camoufalge Finished

Evening everyone

So I've been working on painting these (took most of the day....3 tone fun), and now that the gloss varnish (for decals) have dried I thought I would post some pictures and a bit of info.


I decided to do a trial run instead of doing all 5 at the same time, just to see how my plan would turn out. So I just selected a Panther at random and went do town with my Blu-Tack.

(Step by step pictures taken with phone, so colours are a bit off)

I started by masking of some lines and then painting green. Both camo colours went trought the same number of steps:
  1. Shadow
  2. Base
  3. Highlight
The colours I used to the Olive Green and Red brown are from the 'AK Interactive German Camouflage' Modulation set. Could have been done with a color, some black and some white as well, but meh :-p

After the green was highlighted, I masked of some more areas and did the same thing with the brown. But before doing so I just gave the tank a coat of varnish, just to make sure the next layer of Blu-Tack wouldn't damage the green color.


No picture of the brown painted, but here's how it turned out :-)

Since I was quite happy with how this turned out, I decided to get the rest done aswell, since I had the time. Doing the masking with Blu-Tack isn't to bad if you are doing like 1-3 tanks, but with 4-5 it gets quite tedious and boring (as I were to find out....) Lets just say the actual painting with the airbrush is the least of this :-p

Below you can see a picture of the production line, the green has just been highlighted and masking for brown was about to begin.

I also did the wheels this time around, I decided not to do a camouflage pattern on the wheels but just solid colours of sand, green and brown. Again I used Blu-Tack for masking the wheels I didn't want painting.

I haven't painted the barrels yet since I wanted to how all the turrets turned out first, so I can sort of match the camo pattern. This is the next painting step, but since I won't be able to get any airbrush work done the next couple of days the actual next step is decals.

Final Result

Here's a couple of pictures of the result of my hard work, gloss varnish just applied so very shiny.

 Now one of the most time consuming parts are over and the weathering and detail painting can begin!

Stay tuned for that.

As usual are comments and suggestions more than welcome below



  1. Very nice. That is a very distinct pattern you have achieved and the colour modulation is apparent on each colour. Good job. I feel your pain on the masking. It is really tedious.

    1. Thanks mate :)
      Will probably be a while before I so this again that's for sure :p