Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Panther Ausf. F - Forged In Battle - P-54 - Finished

Hello everyone!

*Let me just start by saying this post is going to be fairly picture heavy! consider yourself warned ;-)*

So..I have finally manage to get these 3 tanks finished and damnit if I don't think they are the best I've done so far, it's going to hard to for me to do better than this.

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way before I unleash the pictures.

The overall quality of these tanks was outstanding, price was fair and shipping times was exellent. If you haven't already you should go check out ForgedInBattle they have an exelent range of tanks, infantry, cannons and even some rather silly items (Yes you can get Ratte in 15mm (gief))

The tanks are in very few pieces even compared to Battlefronts resin kits and honestly (even though the sculpt was superb) I wouldn't have minded having the tracks seperate and I could have done without the bases (Going to look out of place with the rest of my figures). But to be honest these are very minor things, the tracks was easy to mask when painting and the base was actually quite handy when working on the tanks :-p

Anyway this is definitely not the last time I purchase from Forged In Battle, might even try some infantry at some point (I remember having read somewhere they are very nice). I would recommend this company to everyone if you wan't something a little different than Battlefronts tanks :)

Picture time
Lets start with a platoon picture and move onto the single tank shots shall we?

 Panther Ausf. F - Platoon Leader '231'
I decided to do a different camo on the side skirts and paint the barrel to make it look like a replacement.
The camo could have been a lot better and doesn't really picture the 'real' version of it, but it was bloddy difficult in this scale :-p


Panther Ausf. F - '232'

Panther Ausf. F - '233'

The basing could have been a lot better, I'm not very good at that and have limited supplies laying around :-p but just though I would be to boring just painting them.
As you might have spotted Panther '232' and '233' was painted more generically, but they still look apart because Forged In Battle doesn't just deliver 3 completely generic tanks but all of them was different sculpts.

Well I think that was it. As usual comments and suggestions are more than welcome :-)

I really hope you like it, next up is the rest of my US airborne platoon and hopefully I will have some pictures of these up soon. 

Until then.



  1. A right proper job on them: they look excellent!


  2. Forged in Battle do offer some very nice models, and you gave them plenty of justice. You clearly pointed out their big pluses (in my eyes too)
    a) minimum assembly
    b)nice sculpt
    c) each tank is different from the other in the set
    superb weathering, not overdone and very much inspinring work

  3. Thank you very much both of you :-)

    My best work yet I think, going to be hard for me to beat :p

  4. They look great. I added your blog to my blogroll at Rust and the City. Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Many congratulation, a wonderful painting,
    loves having a vehicles painted by you.
    Might want to change some of my buildings?

  6. My mind is blown mate!!

    Any chance you have a guide, or at least a basic step by step on how you managed those?

  7. Good morning, surfing the net I found this excellent work. Can I know the colors you used? I'm going to start my German tanks :-)
    Thank you very much¡