Monday, June 16, 2014

Firefly Platoon - Battlefront - Open Fire - Finished


So I've finished my two Firefly's and I'm quite happy with the result. Just 3 shermans to go! and a lot of airborne infantry :-p

 Overall these tanks was quite nice, only real negative thing (as I've mention before) was the fitting of the hull it definitely could have been a lot better. I decided to sculpt some very simple sandbags to hide the worst join (Even though I've been told the brittish supposedly didin't use sandbags on their tanks) but I still think I added a nice touch to the finished tanks.

I painted these a little different than the previous Shermans and I'm probably going to do the last 3 shermans more like these.

Even though these firefly's will be in different sherman platoons I still decided to add a commander figure to one of them, though I think one of the shermans are supposed to be the platoon leader (It is on the army list which came with the Open Fire box) but again adds a little extra to the tank. 

I really hope you like the finished tanks :-) as usual feel free to comment below. Suggestions for improvements are more than welcome.

That's it for today!


PS. The Panther F Platoon is finished as well, but waiting to post about them until tomorrow :p
Stay tuned for that


  1. I'm about to embark on painting this lot ... only hope I can achieve a similar quality result!

    What base colours did you use?

    1. Thanks mate and good luck :)

      I described it in an earlier post about these but I will test post it here aswell :)

      "I used my AK Interactive Olive Drab Modulation set, starting with the Dark Base, then Dark Base + Light Base 1:1, Light Base, Shine and then a light filter coat of Tamiya Olive Green."

      And by light filter coat of Tamiya Olive Green, I mean a very thinned down coat probably 2:1 (Thinner:Paint), maybe even more I didn't really measure it when I did it :-p

    2. Thanks. Sorry to make you repeat the information - i had a look around the site but missed this info.

      i generally use Vallejo - but maybe I'll have to invest in the AK set.

    3. Ammo of Mig produce more or less the same colors :)

      I slowly migrating to MIG as my AK stuff is depleted :)

    4. Are you able to recommend alternative colours from the Vallejo model color range?

    5. Sadly know, but I'm sure they have some that would fit, even though you would probably have to mix the shadows and highlights yourself :)