Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2015002

Hello everyone

Time for another project now that my Live Resin figure is almost complete. This time I'm doing a Panzergrenadier platoon for my Flames of War army, consisting of 30 infantry figures, most of them from the box depicted above, and a few panzerfausts figures from PSC Heavy Weapons box . They will be driving around in halftracks, which I will be painting after I'm done with these.

The box contains 5 sprues of figures of a total of 130 figures (!) for about 18£ which is quite cheap to be honest. The figures are very nicely detailed and you should be able to base them without having to many or any of the same figures on one base. The only negative I have to say is some of the poses are a bit to static for my taste, let's just say you won't be able to make any Assault groups with this set. The best thing about these figures compared to the battlefront metal figures is that they are true scale which I think is quite nice, but you can easily use them together with BF figures.


So far I haven't really done much, I've based all the figures and applied some filler on the bases and a bit of sand and small stones. Currently I'm painting the bases so I won't risk messing up the figures when they are done.

Quite a lot of progress since the last photo was taken, still a lot to do though, especially the camouflage (Looking forward to that!).

Hopefully I will be able to have these figures finished soon.

Update 23.03.2013

Platoon leader and first squad complete(ish), I still need to finish the bases, spice them up a bit, but I think i'll save that for when the entire platoon is finished.

Now piture time! I'll just start by apologizing about the rather shuddy picture quality, my cheap little camera is not meant to take pictures of such small figures :-D

So yeah...about 20 figures still left to be painted.... :-p

Round 2!

Well so far just some of the basic colors have been painted on, but hopefully they will begin to take shape in the following week.

So stay tuned :)


  1. Sweet paint job, but Im not a fan of the PSC infantery, but its cheap ;-)

  2. Yeah me neither, but as you say its cheap but also nicely detailed and scaled, the only problem is the static poses :( also I prefer plastic over metal figures :p

  3. very nicely done, I think you will enjoy the new BF's plastic figures. Poses are a bit more dynamic.

    1. Im looking forward to painting all my new Open Fire infantry. And i havent actually finished this Platoon yet.... Gotta get that done soon.