Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alternate Future Leopard 2 - Update

So I've had the time to get a bit of work done on  this beast. if you haven't seen the first post I made then go ahead and click here.

Here's some images of the current progress. Still a looooong way to go, but pretty happy with the outcome so far, even though the ambush dots could have been better someplaces.....I really need a new better airbrush.

Hope you like it :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

US Army Modern Soldier 1 - Live Resin - LRM-35001 - Update!


So I just decided I really had to get this figure finished....and well here it is. I'm still not quite happy with the weapon, it just looks off some how, probably to bright etc. But this figure was a blast to paint and I can't wait till I get the time to do the other two of them I stored away somewhere :-p

Hope you liked it!

PS. I'm sorry for the halfway out of focus pictures...I really need a new camera :p

Monday, July 8, 2013

Alternate Future Leopard 2 - Hobby Boss - 82405


So let me try to explain....one day I had this weird idea pop into my head "hmmm wouldn't it be fun to paint a modern german Leopard 2 like it's WW2 counterparts", and well like you might imagine it took of from there. Since I knew it was possible to  purchase a 1/35 Leopard 2 for basicly free on the interwebs, that's just what I did. I paid the price of simply 12.6€ (16.2$) and in my mind that's quite good value for money.

Overall the set is quite decent and the instructions are also pretty good most of the time, but I did run in to some fitting problems here and there (not a lot though!) but maybe it was just me being impatient (I don't really like the assembling process that much, I just look forward to the painting part :-D ).

So far I haven't that much more than building it, priming it and then laying down a simple sand,brown, green camo on it, but I'm thinking I'll do an ambush pattern on it, so still need a lot of small dots....but that's for future me to deal with.

Let's have some pictures!

Here you can see the finished tank, build straight from the box. I then primed it white and tried my hand with some simple preshading I belive it's called, not something I'd done many times before so was fun, might have gone overboard some places but who the hell cares.

Then I did the Dark Yellow layer, followed by Olive Green and Nato Brown (all from Tamiya). I did try to highlight the camo slightly, so I started out with dark colors and then tried to lighten them, could have been better but again who cares, there's a first for everything.

 Next up is the dots, and then some washes and all that stuff, I'll get to that later.

Stay Tuned for more progress!

Tiger I Platoon - Plastic Soldier Company - WW2V15017

 Hello everyone!

I thought I would just share some of the things I'm currently working on, though progress is veeeeery slow since having a hard time to just sit down and get stuff done, but still progress is happening!

Lately I've been working on some Tiger tanks for my FoW army, even though I probably won't be able to use them a lot ingame (they are quite pricy!) they are still brilliant fun to build and paint.

Since I've build most of the Plastic Soldier Company range of german vehicles in 1/100 scale, I feel confident in saying this is the best of them all. Theres plenty of options in the set depending of what Tiger you want to build and you can do early, middle and late without any problems. Details are amazing and they are so easy to assembly. The only downside is the missing zimmerit options, I know PSC make a Panther set with zimmerit in 1/72, but sadly they don't make them in 1/100, if it had come with that option this set would easily be a 11/10.

Here's an early assembly picture, with all the hulls finished and turrets in the making. My set was made of grey plastic, but I'm pretty sure I've seen people building them in a sand colored plastic, though I could be mistaken.

As I mentioned I don't have any pictures of my painting progress, but only of the stage I'm currently at. I've been painting these in the same way as all my other vehicles so maybe you can find something in my older articles if you want.

 The pictures might not be the best, but my camera sucks and was running out of power, so I just took some quick snaps, hope they'll do for now though!

That's it for now, hopefully I will be able to finish these babies up soon!

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweet jesus actual updates!

Hello everyone!

I actually managed to get some work done for a change! and since I've updated a fairly old post, I thought I would just bump it here.

So go take a look on my halftrack progress right Here

And since I have you here anyway, I might aswell share my photos from my last trip to Panzer Museum Munster, some weeks ago. 

and yes I know there is a lot of pictures of their new Tiger I, but it was just majestic as fuck.

I sincerly hope I will be able to update more frequent a next couple of weeks/months.