Monday, June 13, 2011

Stug III Progress! + Dragon JagdTiger


Managed to get abit more done on my Stugs, the camo is now finished and detail painting, decals and varnish left. I tried to make them look like the StugIII i've build earlier and i think i managed to almost replicate the same shades.

Here you can see the Stug III i already finished, standing next to the ones i'm currently painting.

Next up i have to start painting all the tools and stuff like that, i'm not looking forward to paint the wheels black since this tend to be very tedious work :D


I also finished assembling one of my Dragon JagdTigers while i was waiting for the Stugs to dry. It should be easier to compare it to the Trumpeter JagdTigers now.

In some aspects the Trumpeter JagdTiger got better detail than its Dragon counterpart, but in other areas the Dragon is clearly better, the cannon for instance and the gun mantle is a lot better on the Dragon in my opinion. I do believe the Trumpeter JagdTiger is a few years newer than the Dragon JagdTiger and Dragon have released a new JagdTiger with zimmerit since then, but i haven't build it so i don't know if it's better.

Overall the two kits are pretty equal and i would recommend them both. Dragon to also make a JagdTiger with the Henschel suspension, but it also comes with a crane on top of it, i do suppose it's possible to build it without it.

Well that's it for now, i hope i can be done with the Stugs soon so i can get on with my JagdPanthers.

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