Friday, June 3, 2011

Next project! Tiger I and Panther G

Since i finished my first Sherman platoon yesterday, i figured i'd better start on a new project right away. This time i'm going to finish my last Tiger I and Panther G (Dragon 7203 and Dragon 7206) i have made both of them before and you can find post about them in the blog archive under May 2011.

I assembled both of them some time ago and they have just been waiting for paint ever since. I just finished priming them and they are currently drying. No pictures yet, but i will make sure to snap a few when i get back to them for dunkelgelb basecoat.

So i painting them with a basecoat of Dunkelgelb followed by red brown and olive green camo pattern, again i didn't look at any photos to try to recreate an authentic pattern, i just started spraying randomly and this is the outcome.

I'll leave it to dry for a while now and hopefully i might be able to give it the first highlight and wash before i go to bed, so it is ready for completion tomorrow.

*Next day*

Ok so i finished giving both tanks a black wash followed by a drybrush of a light sand'ish color. I then painted all the tools, Panther Wheels, muzzle brake and tracks black and then gunmetal. Tracks and decals was applied and to finish both were giving a layer of matt  varnish.

Here are the pictures of the finished tanks.
I still need to paint my commander for the Panther, but don't have the time for that today, so some other time.

Next project probably 2xStug III or 2xJagdPanther.

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